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Tutorial: Dyeing yarn with Wilton Delphinium Blue

About 2 years ago I started dyeing yarn.  When I started, I had no idea what I was doing.  It was an experiment.  Now, through trial and error, I have developed the way I usually dye yarn.  There are tons on different ways to hand dye.  To me, there is no real right way to do it.  You can experiment with what works best for you until you reach your desired results.

I dye with both permanent acid dyes and also food coloring.  Both are fun.

Today I am dip dyeing Nudis Sock with Wilton Delphinium Blue.  Dip dyeing is one of my favorite methods.  You get lusciously dark dye on one side and then very light colored on the other end of the skein.  When I dip dye, I do not presoak my yarn.  I just prefer to do it with dry yarn because I think it yields more dramatic results.

Materials needed: • 2 skeins of Nudis Sock yarn • Wilton Delphinium Blue food coloring • Plastic knife or spoon • White vinegar • Pot and strainer that will only be used for yarn dyeing (not food) • Dawn Dish Detergent
I am using 2…